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About us

About us

Hare Krishna Agri Export stands for extremes in Fortune, Happiness and Spirituality. The Team at Hare Krishna Agri Export believes that “to care is to be committed”. And caring for human well being makes it even more challenging in the current scenario of environmental hazards and dynamic lifestyle of today’s generation. We would like to show our care by providing the quality products in Spices and Herbs Industry which are needed by the world.

Hare Krishna Agri Export is formed with an objective of supplying the best quality Spices, Herbs, Agro Commodities, Fruits and Vegetables in whatever India is good at producing. We have two divisions. Spices, Herbs, Agro Commodities division and Fruits and Vegetables division. Both divisions are headed by experienced individuals who are well versed in the respective divisions with huge passion to serve the global market with lot of care. We are a group of people who have vast experience in the corporate sector and started with passion towards our vision and mission by strictly following our core values. We are a proud team who have similar thoughts and worked in various backgrounds like Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and have vast experience in exports. We believe in doing it right in whatever you believe.



To be the most consistently preferred exporter of Agro Products (Spices, Herbs, Agro Commodities, Fruits and Vegetables) in terms of quality and affordability across the Globe.



To supply Indian Agro Products (Spices, Herbs, Agro Commodities, Fruits and Vegetables) by spreading miles of smiles in every country.